As one of Northern Europe’s leading personnel resources staff, we offer personnel such as operators, managers, specialists as well as technical and support staff for construction, oil and gas and industry.

We are a multifaceted company with offices in Stortingsgata in Oslo, with several offices in the rest of the country under construction. It also gives your own confidence that Bravedo Ltd is one of the largest players in Northern Europe and an attractive employer in all the nine countries the company operates.

Barona has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and the Philippines. We are approved as a revised employer. The quality stamp requires that we submit to our voluntary external audit. Read more about the approval here

HSE is our main priority

We are specialized in operation and maintenance support and courses, and have agreements with several major Norwegian customers. Our employees constitute the core of our business, and HSE is therefore alpha and omega in all our activities. We have therefore introduced a zero-loss vision. All our employees undergo internal training programs with a focus on HSE in order to prepare themselves well for customer assignments.

Our vision is to build a better working life by helping businesses and people grow.


If you cooperate with us, you will get a resilient and solid partner and supplier of the most qualified personnel. Feedback indicates that we are good at turning quickly to meet customer needs.

We offer cutting-edge expertise in operations and our broad operational experience. Our employees have extensive experience in work and maintenance work, mainly in the field of land-based process, oil and gas industry.

If we become your partner, you can choose from a wide service portfolio, ranging from commissioning, start-up and maintenance to daily operations.


Maintenance Planning
Crane and tire

As an employee, you can choose between permanent or temporary positions and get exciting opportunities throughout your career. As a customer, you will get a visionary, courageous and future-oriented HR partner.


Helsinki in Finland summer 1999: Students Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen from Oulu worked together on a construction site. Building industry flourished, but there was a great lack of qualified labor. The students understood how they could use their network of skilled workers to provide businesses with good people. Thus, Barona was a reality.

Markus Oksa followed the first employee by bus to the workplace. Within a few years, the company established offices in both student housing and in a garage. Their first major investment was fax, at that time the leader in telecommunications technology. We fast forward.

Today, Barona covers 10 subject areas. Customers come from many different industries. Our services cover a wide range of HR solutions – from traditional recruitment to complex outsourcing tasks.

Barona currently has a large specialist environment in the field of digitization.
We develop solutions that make everyday life better – for the employees who work for us and the customers who hire them. Our recruitment tool Jelpp uses artificial intelligence – which makes job hunting and recruitment easier.

Solutions in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) may be part of the future in HR and staffing, but old for us. Our focus on international solutions reflects the increasing mobility of working life. At the same time, we are proud of our Finnish and Nordic roots. They inspire us and are important for values ​​and choices in the future too.