Our carpenters can undertake several different construction projects and their competencies cover  a range of areas, with experience from building houses, housing blocks and other construction work. Some of our carpenters also have specialist knowledge and expertise in previous building methods and material qualities. As a carpenter, you spend some time measuring, planning and operating the construction site. All of our carpenters are trained in construction / carpentry and have a minimum of two years of experience.
In addition to the work on house construction, some carpenters also perform other assignments, such as simpler formwork and foundation work,

Some of the tasks our carpenters can carry out

  • Construction and interior work in buildings
  • Produce and assemble items and modules
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Install partitions
  • Install windows, doors, kitchens and any other fixtures

They can use both manual and automatic tools and equipment. We make strict demands that our carpenters perform the work in a safe manner that meets the requirements for health, safety and environment (HSE).