Do you need skilled insulation workers to help you? Our insulation workers can undertake both small and large projects, and they can work on oil platforms and land-based projects. These specialists are competent for industrial insulation and can take on entire projects. We take care of QA control, labor, schedules, etc. Our workers perform:

  • Insulation against heat and cold
  • Fire insulation
  • prefabrication
  • Enclosure of pipes and tanks
  • Interior
  • Design

The insulation workers have all the qualifications needed for all types of assignments, with good skills, technical knowledge, experience and reliability. In addition, all certified insulators have a course and certificate, and are approved to deliver and install according to Norwegian standards. They take pride in their work and fully updated on all insulator courses, both concerning materials, tools and insulation methods. They thus perform insulation work in the highest quality.