Do you want to work in seafood or do you need a resource? One of our industries is the aquaculture industry. We offer positions and personnel to a number of specialist areas within the industry, both in whitefish, redfish, pelagic and aquaculture. We have a large number of customers spread throughout the Norwegian coast, and at the moment we are experiencing high demand for most disciplines.

We are proud to offer jobs within a industry that has helped build the country. Norway’s Seafood Council has made a film showing why it is perfect for fish along the Norwegian coast: “There are humans here”.

Barona is a professional employer who enjoys great confidence, through 18 years of experience, the company has developed a large network and offers good conditions. The most important thing is safe workplaces, preferably for employees in the local community. Most of our employees build a lifelong career in the industry.

We recruit both temporary and permanent employees to companies throughout the Norwegian coast and cooperate closely with our customers to understand their business and develop a model for resource needs. We emphasize solid HSE understanding among all our employees, especially in the areas of industrial food safety and hygiene.

Health, environment and safety concerns in aqua/the seafood industry

To avoid negative health effects, negative impact on the external environment and personal injuries is central to all our work in Akva / seafood. We achieve this by facilitating an attractive and safe working environment, focusing on health-promoting measures in the workplace, setting stringent requirements for HSE for both resources and clients and ensuring that all our employees are safe in their own skills. We collaborate with several external suppliers to ensure this. Our employees are our most important resource for achieving this.

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