Since the start in 1999 at a Finnish construction site, Barona has become a solid and preferred supplier of construction and infrastructure personnel, both on a project basis and in recruitment to permanent positions. We can offer managers and assistant workers with a wide range of experience – at the time you need them. Our advisors have years of industry experience, know your work day and what´s required on a construction site. Barona is part of Bravedo Ltd, which enables us to put together teams tailored to all client´s needs and jobs. We have professional staff with extensive expertise from projects at home and abroad. HSE, professional pride and professional competence are always the focus of our employees.

Some of our professionals in the field of construction and infra

• Electrical and automation
• Demolition and relief workers
• Carpenters
• Concrete workers and scaffolders
• Basic workers and engineers
• Painters and tilers
• Pliers and welders
• Craftsmen in general

The construction industry is on the rise and several projects have additional needs to be completed in a safe manner and according to plan. At the same time, there is a need for long-term and smart solutions as rapid technological changes challenge today’s industrial tradition. Our goal is to make the work easy even in the middle of these changes. Whether you are looking for reliable employees, new skills or building logistics, we have the solution for your needs. The heart of our expertise is finding hard-working employees and experts.



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