Our sheet metal workers are fully certified to undertake large or small projects. They specialize in overview, positioning, assembly, assembly and hedging of large structural components and frameworks.

All our sheet metal workers are:

  • Skilled in reading instructions according to mechanical and structural drawings. interpret welding symbols and tolerances in decimals and metric dimensions.
  • Fully able to work to maintain tolerances.
  • Has strong mechanical skills
  • Has good communication skills and able to work with traders and managers on project status, problems and concerns.
  • Has experience with cuts, cutting torches, plasma and cavity techniques.
  • Is familiar with a variety of different welding processes. Can prepare welding joints that comply with company specifications.
  • Will perform dimensional inspections to meet specifications.
  • Has been trained to be flexible and to follow deadlines.
  • Has previous experience in the ISO 9001, 18001 and OHSAS 14001 environments
  • Will work to contribute to a safe working environment, including but not limited to safe rigging and lifting practices using lift cranes.
  • Meet the physical requirements for sheet metal work operations.

All our sheet metal workers have the necessary professional certifications in the field of sheet metal work.