Access ventilation installers that are fully certified and comply with the environmental and safety requirements specified by your company. By outsourcing work, your company can reduce the total cost of renting ventilation fitters while still ensuring that the job is done professionally and of the highest quality.

Our ventilation installers can perform both large and small projects. Your building will maintain optimum thermal comfort levels and acceptable air quality.

Our ventilation installers:

  • Have knowledge of installation of ventilation equipment with both high and low voltage
  • Can replace expansion valves, compressors, motors, coil units and other parts of the heaters and air conditioners
  • Have years of experience adding cables and installing new switches in the existing switch panel

Our installers have HSE-focus

  • They have knowledge of relevant rules and regulations, guidelines, security measures, departmental management and safety regulations. You can rest assured that your work will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws
  • Observe strict safety guidelines to avoid known hazards and complications in the work environment
  • Completes all paperwork in a proper and punctual manner
  • Can design and fabricate different channels and customization equipment as required
  • Choosing us is to make sure that the vendors know about the relevant building codes and requirements specified by your company.