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Dekorativt bilde av en mann som snakker i telefon med det norske rekrutteringsbyrået Barona.


Barona – Your Nordic recruitment and staffing partner

Barona has been reforming working life for 20 years. With over 700 knowledgeable consultants in our organization, we help people and companies grow. Our business has a strong focus on our values of freedom, responsibility, courage, and cooperation.

Read about staffing, recruitment, and international recruitment services in Norway below!

Barona services

Recruitment services

We offer tailored recruitment services in Norway, especially in the construction industry.

Staffing services

Our staffing services in Norway help you focus on your core business and maintain the flexibility you need to succeed in business.

International recruitment

We find the right talent for your specific needs and help you with international recruitment, immigration, and other processes.

Contact us!

We’ve got your back if you are looking for a reliable staffing and recruitment partner in the Nordics! Give us a call and let’s talk!

Christian Moen
Christian Moen Sales Director
+47 905 23 031